Parent's Role

As a parent of a developing musician, you will need to take an active role in assisting your child with this endeavor.  


     1. REWARD PRACTICE  - Parents should sign the practice chart.  Practice should take place two days week for at least 20 minutes per session.

     2. Support a consistent time and place practice can be done without interruptions.  Don’t use practice as a punishment.

    3. Encourage your child, and praise his improvements. Your child will need a music stand to assure good posture while playing.

    4. Check your child’s scores online. 

Other things:

-Remind your child to bring their instrument to school.  

-Talk to your child about class and his interest in music.  

-Check that your child's name, address, and phone number on the case.  

-See a concert featuring your child’s instrument.

 Instrument care guide:

1. Do not expose instrument to extreme temperatures. (constant sunlight will harm the instrument)

2. Protect instrument against hard knocks or jolts. (report any cracks)

3. Always store the instrument in the case when not in use.  Before you pick up your case make sure the latches are closed.

4.  When it rains use a plastic bag around the case to protect the instrument.

5. Don’t turn the pegs at the top of the neck on string instruments.

 6. Always loosen the bow before returning to the case. (strings)

7. Check your student’s music book and DVD for further instrument care instructions.