Instrument Return is this Week

It is time turn in the school owned instrument. In order to prepare the instrument for return please.

1.    Open the case and clean out any items in your case, then vacuum the case. Check the pockets as well. Return shoulder rests or rosin that belong to our school.

2.     Clarinets, Saxophones, trumpets, and low brass need to wash their mouth pieces with soap and water, and then dry it.

3.    Cellos/Basses make sure your end pin is in and tightened enough that it won’t fall down.

4.    Make sure your bow is loosened and properly stored in your case along with your instrument.

5.    Keep any personal items such as rosin and shoulder rests. Your method book is also yours to keep.

6.    We have created a video demonstrating the procedures you should follow. Go to the following link:

7.    Be at Lincoln’s parking lot by the office this Wednesday or Thursday between 10:00 and 11:00 AM.


Thank you, keep safe and be well.